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Roasted Spring Veggie Side

Back when people grew their own veggies all the time, and had no option to purchase any at the store, you might just see a combo like this in the spring. The first Brussels sprouts and last of the sweet... Continue Reading →


Free Printable for Meal Planning

Recently I posted about how I plan meals for my family, and since then I realized how much easier my system would be if I could print a sheet and fill it in each week, instead of recreating it from... Continue Reading →

About the Author

Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash My cousin Lydia started the new year with a quiz, and I'd like to borrow it. Other than my About page, you don't know much about who I am and why I write about these #momrelevant topics.... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Never Ask An Overdue Pregnant Lady If She’s Had the Baby Yet

Photo by on Unsplash If there is a pregnant someone in your life who you love and she is nearing her due date, or who is past it (poor lady), be sensitive about what you ask. Don't ask if... Continue Reading →

The Date Afternoon

Photo by Ariel Lustre on Unsplash It's revolutionary, really. You're exhausted by 6 pm, you say? I'm a mom, I can't go out on a date, you say? I know. I've been there. And I still go on dates. I... Continue Reading →

Remember: You’re Doing A Good Job

Sometimes, I am a great mom. Yes, I also have days where I am a terrible mom, but sometimes, I am a really great mom. Recently I had coffee with a friend, and I was excited to share my goals... Continue Reading →

Top Five New Kitchen Tricks from 2017

Sometimes we all need a little help in the kitchen. I learned these tricks this year, and I've been cooking for twenty years - proof that we never stop learning. Give them a try! 5. Squeeze grated zucchini dry inside... Continue Reading →

Top Five Easiest Recipes from 2017 for Busy Moms

Scrolling through my Recipes board on Pinterest brought back all kinds of memories from this year in my kitchen. What do busy moms need the most? Easy recipes, so here are my five favorites from this year. By the way... Continue Reading →

Hard Cider Angel Hair Chicken

My husband and I have been making this since we first got married and had more time to experiment in the kitchen together. It pairs great with a Prosecco or a Riesling, which you should definitely drink while you cook... Continue Reading →

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