Spend thirty minutes writing this morning to get your brain juices flowing.

Take a look at this infographic.

Write a paragraph biography about each of the people who are quoted on the infographic, doing a little research if you aren’t sure who they are (remember to cite your sources).

The bottom of the infographic says “Funders and Founders.” What do you think the creator of the infographic, Anna Vital, meant by “Funder” and “Founder”? Explain how each person is either a funder, a founder, or both. What have they accomplished that qualifies them as “successful” (as listed in the subtitle, “first thing successful people do in the morning”)?

How does each person’s background or life story lend weight to their words of advice?

How could you apply their words of advice to your life? Hypothesize: if you chose to do so, how do you think the results would affect your everyday life? Your next three years? Your life in 25 years?

Write your own words of advice to help others be more successful by changing their morning routines. Share these with the class.