What is the saddest part of Theo’s life before she goes to live with her aunt?

Write a journal entry Theo might have written before she moved to Victoria.

Why isn’t Aunt Sharon’s home as happy a place for Theo as the dream life with the Kaldors?

Who is Cecily?

Write an obituary for Cecily Stone, making up some things to fill in the gaps that this book doesn’t mention.

Compare Cecily to a character or two from another book you might have read. What purpose do guide characters like Cecily serve?

Do you like the ending? Why or why not?

Write about Theo’s life five years in her future.

What does the title of the book, “Awake and Dreaming,” mean?

Is it good to imagine and daydream? Why or why not?

What does this book say about loneliness?

How will you take something you read in this book and learn from it or apply it to your life?