What was your reaction to the final season?

Why do you suppose you felt that way?

Define catharsis. Identify points during the last episode at which you felt catharsis.

Describe some ways in which you hoped some of the storylines might wrap up differently. For what reasons might they have wrapped up the way they did instead?

Would you recommend the series to a friend? Why or why not?

Which character did you like the most? Why?

Why do you suppose President Bartlett pardoned Toby?

How did CJ feel about the pardon? Why didn’t she say anything to President Bartlett about her feelings?

Speculate: What happens with Josh and Donna? Will and Kate?

What is the significance of the framed napkin that President Bartlett unwraps on the plane?

Do you see any parallels between the beginning stories of the Bartlett presidency and the Santos presidency, specifically with reference to the napkin? Do all presidencies start that way? Why do you suppose the writers chose to begin both West Wing presidencies this way?

How does Santos try to convince CJ to take the White House job? How does Josh try to convince Sam?

In what ways do you feel a sense of duty to your country? Would appealing to your sense of duty be a good way to persuade you to join someone’s team, or start a really difficult project?

If you could choose a job in the West Wing, which would you choose and why?