1. Look up the dictionary definition of “diverge.” Note examples of popular ways that the word is used in culture – think of other movies, song lyrics, etc. (for example, Frost’s poem that begins “Two roads diverged in a narrow wood…”). Now write a definition of “diverge” based on the movie.

2. What is the significance of Four’s assisting his father to board the train at the end of the movie? What does it say about human nature?

3. How are fear and human nature related?

4. Why are the factions titled by “good” character traits? How does that indicate the movie’s perspective on human nature?

5. Which faction would you belong to if you lived in Divergent‘s Chicago? Why?

6. Should there have been any other factions to represent parts of human nature that the movie may have missed?

7. Choose one (or more) of the fear simulations that either Tris or Four (or both) went through. Summarize how the characteristic reactions of each faction were represented, and hypothesize how each of the other factions’ members might have responded in the same situations.

8. Compare the Erudites’ attempt to control the people of the city to current events. Give as many examples as you like. Do you think the movie is a reflection of the state of society today? A warning that we tend that way? A defiant statement that we will never be like that? Or some other kind of statement? Use examples from the movie and current events to support your answer.

9. Did watching the movie make you want to read the book? Why or why not?

10. Was Jeanine a divergent or a true Erudite? Why? Explain why she felt threatened by the divergents.

11. What might happen in the sequel?