The biggest thing I’ve learned so far this year is that I need to do things that bring me joy. A friend calls it “filling things” – activities that give your soul a boost. For me, this has meant rediscovering writing, crafting, and creativity. These activities of the hands (and sometimes the mind) help me refocus and take a much-needed breath.


Refocusing conveniently works out to be just when I need it, because my creative time happens at one of two times during the day: either 1) the beginning of the day when it’s quiet, when I need to focus and prepare for the day, or 2) during my toddler’s naptime, again when it’s quiet, but also during a time when I need to regroup to get through the rest of the day.

Our pastor reminded us recently that “the joy of the Lord is your strength.” If my joy is gone, my strength is gone. Without joy, I am weak and need extra help – momming being the top one because it truly takes endurance to keep on keeping on.

How often do I feel that I’m doing things repetitively? Change the diaper. Change it again. Feed the baby, wipe the tray off. She’s hungry again. Sweep the floor. Sweep it again. And again. And my days become mundane because of all the repetition. I often feel that my actions are pointless if I’m just going to have to do them again in an hour or two (yes, I know she has to eat, but it still feels without purpose). If I take a few moments to find a little joy every day, my strength comes back. I can get through the mundane and find the beautiful in it.

What are some chores or activities you do mindlessly or repetitively each day that can drag you down or make your actions feel pointless?

How can you spend a little time refocusing each day to get back some joy?