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Books of 2014

Finished (may or may not have skimmed the exciting parts) Dakota Born by Debbie Macomber Dual Image by Nora Roberts Untamed by Nora Roberts Cinder by Marissa Meyer Scarlet by Marissa Meyer Cress by Marissa Myer Skeleton Key (Alex Rider... Continue Reading →


Questions for Thinking About the Movie Divergent

1. Look up the dictionary definition of "diverge." Note examples of popular ways that the word is used in culture - think of other movies, song lyrics, etc. (for example, Frost's poem that begins "Two roads diverged in a narrow... Continue Reading →

Critical Thinking Questions for the final season of The West Wing

What was your reaction to the final season? Why do you suppose you felt that way? Define catharsis. Identify points during the last episode at which you felt catharsis. Describe some ways in which you hoped some of the storylines... Continue Reading →

Discussion Questions for “Awake and Dreaming” by Kit Pearson

What is the saddest part of Theo's life before she goes to live with her aunt? Write a journal entry Theo might have written before she moved to Victoria. Why isn't Aunt Sharon's home as happy a place for Theo... Continue Reading →

Ten Books

Facebook challenges are sweeping the nation, including the book challenge. I was nominated to list ten books that have stayed with me in some way. Don't spend a lot of time, and don't think too hard, the challenge dictates. Waxing... Continue Reading →

Public Reactions to Police Inaction

Here are some of the responses I've gotten from local citizens, who agree that the police should be doing something about this situation.Some are simply sympathetic to my plight:Sorry to hear about the phone drama, btw. The editing on the... Continue Reading →

Subpar Police Protection and Service in South Bend

Office of the MayorMayor Buttigiegand Deputy Mayor Neal227 West Jefferson Blvd.South Bend, IN 46601 (sender) September 3, 2014To Whom It May Concern:This letter is to inform the mayor’s office of the inability of three different police departments to help me recover stolen... Continue Reading →

Morning Classroom Reflection

Spend thirty minutes writing this morning to get your brain juices flowing. Take a look at this infographic. Write a paragraph biography about each of the people who are quoted on the infographic, doing a little research if you aren't... Continue Reading →

Examining the Movie “Noah”

An exercise in evaluating argument writing.Read this article, and then several of the comments. Write three pages of response to your reading experience. Now answer the following questions: 1) What was the author's main point? 2) Did the author succeed in convincing... Continue Reading →

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